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What Can You do With a Criminal Psychology Degree?

Criminal psychology professionals focus on understanding the psychological motivations that occur behind any given crime and aid law enforcement officials by creating psychological profiles of a suspect and then later a defendant.

Criminal psychology degrees are first offered by many schools at the Bachelor’s degree level but the most successful (and highly paid) criminal psychologists have usually advanced their education beyond that stage to a doctorate level. 

What Criminal Psychology Degree Programs Entail

Although it has been glamorized by television to a great extent the work is harder and not quite so glitzy as CSI might make it seem but it is still a fascinating and often very rewarding profession. Criminal psychology degrees not only cover the many necessary facets of psychology but an in-depth study of the law in general as well. The further into the educational system a student goes the deeper this study will become.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Photography – Is it Worth It?

Do you need a degree of any kind to become a photographer? No, not necessarily but for those who are serious about photography as a career, or might want to teach in the future it certainly gives them an extra edge.

A master’s degree in photography is often a great choice for those who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in a different discipline but wish to continue their education on a different track – perhaps capitalizing on a hobby – after all ever professional photographer has to begin as an amateur.

What Course Work does a Masters Degree in Photography Cover?

Earn a master’s degree just by taking photographs all day? Sounds like a doodle, but there is actually far more to earning a master’s degree in photography than just snapping a pretty picture.