Military vets and MBA programs

Veterans are owning almost 10 percent of all businesses across America and employ nearly 6 million people. Studies carried out by the U.S. Small Business Administration, veterans generally are much more likely to start their own business than non-veterans, and their five-year success rate surpasses the national average significantly.

Now why would that be?
Veterans enjoyed military training, and this has developed quite a few of those traits and skills required to become successful entrepreneurs. These capacities are including feeling comfortable with ambition, uncertainty and autonomy, self-efficiency, effective decision-making, and a desire for achievement.

Entrepreneurial success and military training and service are strongly correlated, and in the U.S. there are many schools that offer academic programs especially for veterans. One of the leading schools in this field is Syracuse University, so let’s take a closer look at the school’s unrivaled history of programs and support for veterans. Let’s see what makes Syracuse University’s MBA program such a great degrees for our nation’s former military members.

The school offers the MBA for Veterans program and admitted students attend classes in specialized, accelerated cohorts of students from numerous backgrounds, both non-military and veteran and active duty military members. All these different experiences and backgrounds in the school’s classrooms contribute to the top quality of the students’ educational experience.

Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management offers a phenomenal 54-credits accelerated MBA created especially for Veterans that takes 14 months to complete, and which offers rigorous courses in entrepreneurship while emphasizing innovation and leadership.

Courses include economics, entrepreneurship, data analysis, market research & analysis, management information systems, marketing management, financial accounting, supply chain/project management, activity based costing/management accounting, operations management, business strategy, and human capital management. Graduates from this interesting program will be awarded an MBA degree in entrepreneurship.

This MBA program starts out at the end of May and all classes include some 30 to 35 students. First, they will participate in an orientation session to get up to speed with Syracuse University’s academic setting and environment, and all the resources that are available to student veterans.

Applicants need to have U.S. military experience in any branch, have a GMAT score of at least 500 (or GRE equivalent score), and hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Syracuse University offers talented and accomplished instructors from a wide range of practical and academic backgrounds and experience (such as economists, individual or organizational behaviorists, and lawyers), who support and complement the school’s faculty members who are teaching the conventional management subject fields of finance, accounting, marketing, public administration, entrepreneurship, and quantitative methods.  The school is continuously ranked as one of the best in the nation for academic achievement and veteran enrollment.

Syracuse University is using an A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- and F grading methodology for its MBA program, and all MBA students are required to maintain at least a B-grade (3.0) average. If a student’s average drops below a B-grade , he or she is placed for 1 semester on academic probation to achieve back to good standing, and if a student fails to get back to good academic standing after this period, he or she will be dismissed from the program.

Applicants who do not have a strong academic background in math (advanced calculus and algebra), accounting, and/or statistics, are strongly advised to take (almost prerequisite) undergraduate courses in those subjects fields before they submit their application.