What Can You do With a Criminal Psychology Degree?

Criminal psychology professionals focus on understanding the psychological motivations that occur behind any given crime and aid law enforcement officials by creating psychological profiles of a suspect and then later a defendant.

Criminal psychology degrees are first offered by many schools at the Bachelor’s degree level but the most successful (and highly paid) criminal psychologists have usually advanced their education beyond that stage to a doctorate level. 

What Criminal Psychology Degree Programs Entail

Although it has been glamorized by television to a great extent the work is harder and not quite so glitzy as CSI might make it seem but it is still a fascinating and often very rewarding profession. Criminal psychology degrees not only cover the many necessary facets of psychology but an in-depth study of the law in general as well. The further into the educational system a student goes the deeper this study will become.

Who Employs Criminal Psychology School Graduates?

The National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) in Quantico, Virginia is a major employer of criminal psychologists but those positions do tend to go to those with advanced degrees only. Other major employers include mental institutions and local law enforcement offices. Noted criminal psychologists are also often in demand to provide expert witness trial testimony and can be utilized by both the prosecution and the defense in such instances. After a few years of professional practice, it may be worth considering getting an MBA in your or n associated field.

The Best Schools Offering Criminal Psychology Degrees

There are many schools across the country offering criminal psychology degrees at the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. The following list is some of the best known and best attended of those schools. In doubt, a career in photography might be your cup of tea. So read this interesting story about whether it’s worth to pursue a Masters degree in Photography.

Criminal Psychology Degrees Online

Pursuing a degree online is becoming more and more popular all the time. There are some online universities that have begun offering reputable criminal psychology degree programs, including two of the best known online learning destinations the University of Phoenix and Ashford University where also an MBA program in Global Management is offered.

Whether you are considering an on campus or off campus criminal psychology degree program you should take plenty of time evaluating each of the schools you consider and comparing what each one has to offer. Each school’s website is usually a great starting point, but do not be afraid to make as many calls to admissions counselors as you need to get a full picture of the criminal psychology degrees they offer. These options are also available to qualifying Military Veterans, read this post to learn more.